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Notes On Sunday

So today I had worship. But I need to back up a little bit and talk a bit about pre-worship.

I came in to church with my haands full of the Amazing Baby Ray and all of our stuff. And I was trying very hard to get a two year old boy his donut, since he had been good all morning. Kind of hard to juggle.

And then came Dorothy.

I’m not as familiar with her as I am with the other ladies of the church. She’s kind of quiet, hangs back a bit. But today, she was right on point with Ray and I. She helped me get him a donut, sat with us as we joined the table and he got to sit in a big boy chair as he ate his treat.

When he was entranced with the flowers in the front, she went with us to take a closer look. Gorgeous Easter Lilly’s bursting from vases. I played with Ray, making a big show of sniffing the flowers and he pretended to sneeze. I told him how beautiful they were and he said something in response. So did she.

That’s when I turned to her and asked “You do all the flowers, don’t you?” I’m pretty sure that it is her, and they are gorgeous. I would love to walk in the garden that grows the magnificence that graces us every Sunday. And she said yes. She didn’t say “thank you” when I originally spoke of the beauty, it wasn’t until I asked…

She stayed with Ray in the nursury while I made my public speaking debut. Somehow, I think she misses her grandchildren terribly. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I can tell you one thing: It is their loss. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s tragic that children so small are being deprived of so much love.

So I spoke today. Didn’t goof up too much. Shared some of my poetry. Had a good response. But if you really wanted to hear a good speaker, you had to be there for the 11:00am worship, when Dad took the pulpit. He took what I wanted to say and put it to music.

God, I love it when that man speaks Your Word. Always have. Always will.

I’ll post a little poetry for you all too, in a separate post.