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It’s been a weird, weird summer

So in the normal course of things, summer is just like any other season. I get up, I go to work, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for writing, resting, and getting the laundry done so I can go and do a repeat of M-F.

This summer has been a bit different. It’s strange, and wild and wonderful!

My son is 7, and in the normal course of things he’d be at daycare M-F too, just the normal normal. This summer, though, he was able to stay home with Poppa, run wild with his neighborhood friends, and generally have a blast. I’ve always wanted to give him that— essentially the modern day version of my childhood.

I took an online course, then quit at the very end. Last lesson. I quit. Yup, and oddly enough, i don’t regret it. I have a piece of writing that is extremely experimental and I might want to send off to competitions (i adore it). I also had discovered a writing event that I want to attend— but the scholarship application was due within a week. I had to let that take preference at that time.

And then there was Reno! Traveling with the boy, solo for the first time. Once we got there, Regina was there and it was so awesome, but this was the first time it was just he and I in a hotel room and on the drive. We did great! (One melt down does not constitute a bad time. It constitutes a bad moment)

Today, we went to Stockton-con. A mini- comic convention that is a fundraiser for local charities. Ray made it through for about an hour and a half, I picked up some great art work and he got to take pics with some great characters. And the artists were so nice, talking with him about the pictures and stuff.  When he started to have a melt down (due to excessive noise and people), there were people who were nice enough to pull him out of it, distract him while I steered him to an outdoor area. You hear a lot of crap about Stockton, but at the arena today, people were extremely nice to an over excited little boy with dyspraxia, SPD and a slight speech impediment.

Can’t ask for more than that.

Although now i’m thinking… tide pools. Definitely tide pools or the beach in some form or another.

Oh. And writing. Have a couple of great ideas right now and am working them out. Which looks a lot like me looking off into the distance LOL. But that’s ok. I really like the one… about a goblin princess. But I need to come up with what and who I think the goblins are before I start researching them.