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Dear Viacom

A note to my normal audience: I’m sorry for the rant. However, this angered me so much I had to get something out there. I will return to our regularly scheduled programming this weekend, I promise.


Dear Viacom,

I understand that you provide a service, and that you want to be paid for it. But you need to check yourself. You are coming across as nothing more than just another greedy, grasping corporation (and by all accounts, that is what actually is going on). What makes it even worse is that you are doing it by holding parents hostage.

You say that the disagreement is over a few pennies a day. But if you do the math (3.5 pennies per day times 30/31 days per month times 26 channels) it is $27.30 PER MONTH. Perhaps you have that sort of disposable income. But you are no longer going to be making it off my back. If Nick comes back to Direct TV (the Nick channels and TV Land being the ONLY Viacom channels we watch, by the way) we will watch it. Because it is part of a service that we pay for with Direct TV.

But no more. No more Sponge Bob candy, toys, movies, video game,books. No more ANY Nick movies. No product-tie ins, nada. Say goodbye to all those nifty cool Dora and Diego toys family, because I ain’t buying them anymore. Personally, my wish is that every single parent on this planet tells you to take your corporate jet and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Nick is great for what it is, don’t get me wrong. But you aren’t in the same league as Disney and with your current maneuverings, you won’t be. Disney does not hold parents hostage. Yes, the parks are expensive. But the cartoons are cool, the tie ins are age appropriate and quite frankly I don’t mind paying for the Disney branding.

Walt earned that.

His company makes it worth it.

You’ve earned nothing. I hope other parents join me in boycotting your products. I am  so digusted with you and your tactics that I want to spit. Right on your corporate jet.

Screw you.



Yet another disgusted customer