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The Night Before Christmas Eve

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift, I gotta tell you…. Well, truthfully that it kind of sucks to be you. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for you. I took my mother in law (ex mother in law? how do I address her now?) and two neices to the mall yesterday. Yes, the Saturday BEFORE CHRISTMAS. EEEWWWW….

So. Here’s a hint. If you have a woman who reads, I’ll give you 2 great books to buy and a great e-book (story) to load up on their Kindle/Nook that you’re going to be black mailed into buying them.

1) Mischief and Mistletoe, by Mary Jo Putney, et al.  (Kensington Books, ARC copy)

I love this collection of historical romance,especially the opener: She Stoops to Wenchdom. There were moments where I was really peeved that they were short stories— I wanted to stay with the characters, see what happened next. Lets face it— that isn’t a *bad* thing, either. It’s a pretty darn good thing, and I’ll be looking up a few of the authors and start buying their full legnth works.

2) A Winter Wonderland, Fern Michaels, et al. (Kensington Books, ARC Copy)

These are all contemperary, and there’s a wider variety of types of stories. They are also more of the novelette size, than the short sotries. My personal favorite was “The Christmas Collector,” but as I said, there’s a little something in here for everyone.

The great thing about both of the books above is that they leave you with warm fuzzies. You *know* you’ve been reading a Christmas Book, just like the Hallmark Channel movies leave you feeling all cozy with life. The stories are good, and the writing stands on it’s own… but at Christmas time, we want the warm fuzzies. Lets be adult enough to admit it 😀

Now, for the e-book (short story). You KNOW you want to get my story, Dragon’s Champion (by Wynelda Deaver), and load it on someone’s Christmas Present for them. Don’t cha???


Next week we’re gonna talk about goals and blah blah blah. Normally I don’t do new years resolutions, but we may change that.

The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand, published by Kensington. Release date: July 31, 2012


Let me just say that I fell in love not only with this book, but also with Paris and Parisian chocolatiers. All Cade wants is to make gourmet, indulgent chocolates such as those made by Sylvain. He detests the Corey family’s chocolate line (think Hershey and Mars) as cheap and worthless.

Take these two headstrong people and shake well in the city of love.

I love the fact that Cade can’t just buy her way through Paris. Not only does it make the book more interesting, it also gives an interesting spin on the whole Arrogant Parisians vs. Ugly Americans. Neither side is as bad as they seem in the stereotype, but then again there is just a grain of truth in there. At least from the other side’s point of view.

This is a light, frothy movie of a book. If I had put Paris on my bucket list before, this book made me actually start Googling family trip packages (which are still out of reach— but might be attainable in a few years).

The pacing is right on, the characters wonderful. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the food blogger and the complications he brings. And the actual thieving of the chocolate? Priceless.


5 out of 5 frothy yummy chocolate bits.