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Make a Joyful Noise


I kind of got myself into trouble. As a teenager, I used to play the organ. For church.  It was, for me, a chore. I did it for my mom, and she loved to hear me play all those hymns. I, however, was kind of skeeved that I wasn’t playing the stuff that I wanted to be playing.

So. I grew a little lazy in my playing. Learned enough reading the the left hand to recognize by sight the chords. Otherwise, I faked it– relied on fingering clues.

Well. And so. My church is a small one. And I am now going to be taking lessons again. I can still read the melody, but time still sometimes jumps up and slaps my hand. I get hand cramps, or more accurately, on my right hand, my pinkie sometimes locks.

As I’m practicing, the locking is getting better. There are some songs that I can play well, and others that I’m still working on and working on and working on. I’m sure my neighbors are getting sick of hearing me play the same song over and over. If I keep messing up, I’ll resort to playing the melody over and over again until I’ve got it almost right, then add in the chords.

Yeah. I still remember some chords. C, G, G7, F & D, to be exact. But I can’t read the music and it’s driving me batty. I’m just reading the letters up above the melody. SO. Today, when I was doing my hour practice, I sat down with “easy” sheet music and started to figure it out. Actually reading, figuring out what notes needed to be played. Individual notes, not chords. After that, I’ll work on adding some more chords. I really want to play Morning has Broken.

See, part of the problem is that I *can* play the easy stuff. But I don’t want to. I want to play the hard stuff. So, I worked on that for a little while until I just about had a fit over it the frustration level was so high.

Through it all, I’ve noticed something. My attitude has changed drastically. I can’t imagine anything that I’d want to play more, unless it’s Morning has Broken or Joy to the World (the real version, not easy peasy). It feels right, and satisfying to be playing these songs again.

As if I’m pleasing God.

Lots of things that I’m doing right now I’m doing because it feels right. This blog is one of them. God didn’t give me words to leave them sitting in a computer with no-one to see. And just because you have a talent doesn’t mean that you have to make money at it ( Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to make money out of it)…. You have to use it for the greater glory.

So… I’m writing for the greater good. I’m playing music for the greater good.

And hopefully, God is smiling down and the joyful cacophony I’m creating.