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Writing Cheerleaders vs. Coach

I have many cheerleaders when it comes to my writing and I adore them. They give me the lift of a bit more confidence when I need it. They have cheered me on when I doubted that I could write a sentence, let alone a coherent story. They have been invaluable in my getting to the point where I’m currently at.

And yet even as I’ve been writing stories that I am so proud of, I haven’t been submitting them. Don’t have time to edit, or find markets, weekend was busy, blah blah blah. There’s a ton of excuses and I’ve used many of them. I don’t know why…

So I called someone who I know doesn’t really put up with bullshit. During the conversation, I told her off the bat I don’t need someone to tell me I’m great, I have that confidence. I need someone who can kick my ass. We talked about what I needed to get done, how I needed to change the conversations with myself, and lots of things. Including making a dream board.

I had a lot of goals for that first weekend. I made not a one of them. So I messaged her, told her that and what my new plan was.


Not a word.

I’m sure she thought I was just going to stay stuck in my ways. I considered it.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I hit each and every one of my goals for the week. Made the dream board, checking in with her, got an “awesome!” Out of her and kept moving forward. My stories are submitted, I’m up to date in class and am working on my next submission.

The cheerleaders are invaluable. I wouldn’t be writing without them.

But I wouldn’t have submitted them if I hadn’t had the courage to ask someone to step into the role of coach. She’s not a writer, probably would never to think to read what I write if it wasn’t by me. But she’s tough enough to hold me accountable and not accept any excuses.

Thank you



I mentioned a while back ago that I had unpacked my boxes of books and got them up on a shelf. In no particular order, but up none the less. This gave me a chance to open up and try to read some of my old favorites. Books I have read at least a hundred times, possibly two.

Books that I have hung onto for… gosh…. 20 years.

20 years? Really?

No, really?

Yup. First edition (and yes, this particular romance author’s books are almost always in print) and I checked the pub date after I huffed in indignation.

Huffed. Because I  couldn’t stand the book. Those heroine’s that I thought were so cool when I was in my twenties… They struck me like a teeney bopper. Not merely someone young of years, but someone annoying with it.

Another thing I noticed was the tendency to go from head to head to head. Sometimes within the same paragraph. It drove me batty!  It can be done, and done well… but not, apparently, by her. Then again, I’m holding a book that was written decades ago up to today’s standards.

And I’m a little heartbroken that they just don’t stack up, so to speak. It’s a matter of principle. I brought those dang books through the depths of hell with me. Although, tellingly, I did not read them while going through it.

So. Bottom line. That book that you LOVE SO MUCH that you can’t let it go even though you’ve held onto it for 20, 30 years? Try reading it. If you can still stand it, if you still feel like you’re going to visit old friends, keep the books.

And there are books that do that. They’re called classics for a reason. (As an aside, I’ve noticed that Fantasy– Sword and Sorcerey in particular, seems to fare well with the passage of time, too).

If you’re like me with this author’s books… Pass them on. Because you will make someone, somewhere, extremely happy. And, as an extra special bonus, you will get to have more room for more books.