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I haven’t been by myself in a house for an extended amount of time in… Years. I always have my son (15) or my dad (95) around or coming back. It’s wonderful. I love my family. But….

I used to love living by myself too. I’ve always kept myself occupied– readings writing, television. I’m not one that gets bored and stays bored. The quiet is a friend of mine- it allows a moment of reflection, a deep sigh.

Thanks to Caltrans and my Best friend I just had that. A glorious Sunday through Thursday morning where I stayed in a house all by my lonesome. Caltrans closed the freeway that I need to get to work. (Not a work vacation, alas). My BF is travelling, and offered her house. I have to tell you….

It. Was. Glorious.

I wrote and sent out cards. I didn’t cook ANYTHING. Frozen all the way. And after work, I went to the real happiest place on earth, Barnes and Noble, and bought many wonderful magazines. One was brand new to me, called Oh, Reader and I read every single article in it. Which has inspired me– to do magazine reviews. Share what I’m loving. Maybe a few book reviews in there too.

The fact is that I miss blogging. I miss sharing the things I love, and boy do I love books and magazines!

I love my family. Of course I do.

But I missed myself, and didn’t even realize what had been missing in my life was ME.


So things are getting wild. People hoarding….toilet paper and bottled water? Going to the grocery store has become an olympic event. The problem is, some are not competing, we are just trying to survive.

I am going to ask a favor of you. It’s a big favor, too.

I am sure you can do it, though.

I have faith in you. In us.

Be kind.

Unfortunately it needs to be said. When the police have to be called to protect the employees at a grocery store— we need to remember who we are. We need to thank those poor cashiers and stock persons, not attack them!  We are not the United States of Anger. We are the US. We are US.

Do you remember getting yelled at by the neighborhood grandma to get your butt back home? Those neighborhood grandmas and grandpas need us to step into being neighbors. To being US. To asking if they are ok, if they need food. Keep the social distance, but please check on them. If you are at a store and know they have an endcap by the frozen food with sliced bread, and you see a woman staring at whats left in the bread aisle, trying to figure out how she is going to make it work, open your mouth and tell her. Tell the lady who asks where you got the flat of eggs. Go online and figure out who has toiet paper for your friend with Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Write letters to your friends and family, to strangers. Pick up a phone and call someone.

Be helpful. Be kind.

Be US.

Changes they are a coming

So. I am getting ready to move out of my little apartment. Ray and I are going to go and live with Dad for a little while.

Ok. I’m lying. It’s probably going to be a long while.

In a way, I’m dreading it. Getting Ray used to a new home, a new routine, life without his daddy… Well, it’s going to be hard. And I can’t just foist him off on other people. I’m his Mom. This is my responsibility. No one elses. Except, maybe, Brian’s.

But there’s a lot that I’m looking forward to. I love talking with my dad, love being around him. And I think this will be good for him too. He’s admitted to having some issues with depression lately. He’s a people person. Which makes sense– he’s one of my favorite peoples.

And lets not forget the back yard. Oh thank heaven. I’m really really looking forward to coming home from work, feeding Ray, then throwing him in the back yard and letting him run off his energy. Bath-time, then bedtime. Yay!

The only part I’m really dreading is the transition. Ray is a high-octane type of child. Dad is 83. Here’s hoping Dad’s patience and love and kindness don’t desert him, and maybe even rub off on the little ‘un.

So. The month of May is going to be moving month. I may not be writing as much this month, but you’re going to be in my thoughts. Keep us in yours, too.