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Cathy Lamb’s If You Could See what I see: Book Review


I actually finished reading this on Friday night. I’ve just been collecting myself so I could say something other than the first words that came out of my mouth.

This is probably the one book that I’ve read that was so personal to me, and it was flawlessly done.

One of Cathy Lamb’s signatures are flawed characters who have gone through/are going through/ recovered from some horrendous thing. That being said, her novels are filled with hope, with families that love each other even when they want to throttle each other, and a good dose of humor.

I’ve talked before about my ex-husband. About why and how I quit writing, my struggles with regaining my voice. For those that are new to the blog I’ll catch you up: I was married to a meth addict for about 10 years.  He also has mental health issues. But Ms. Lamb explains it so eloquently, and with few words, so I’ll use hers:

“I thought of how he’d gotten into my head, then spun me around, flinging me this way and that. I’d allowed him to get inside my brain, my voice, myself. I let myself be trapped.” — If You Could See What I See, Cathy Lamb.

Thankfully, I didn’t have the nightmares or anywhere near outcome that Meggie had. I even came out of it with the greatest gift of all– my son. But I did loose a lot of myself during those years, and this book did something that I really needed.

It gave me a happy ending.

I know, it sounds corny, and it isn’t the happy ending that your thinking of (although that one was satisfying as well). But by the end of the book, Meggie has gotten herself back– different than who she was before, still guarded, but definitely herself. And using the art that was hers once again, even if in a new way.

I don’t know that I can express just how much this book means to me. It is at once tragic and uplifting… just as is life.


Thank you Cathy Lamb, for giving me hope for a happily ever after on my terms.


A Different Kind of Normal

A Different Kind of Normal by Cathy Lamb


The very first Cathy Lamb novel that I read was The Last Time I was Me. I loved that book so much that when I was done, I went right back and reread it. Then, I went to the book store and snatched up 2 or 3 more books by her.

I like her voice. A lot.

I also like that she says things that are just plain wrong, but are so true. In A Different Kind of Normal, she continues on in this tradition. It’s warm, funny, heart wrenching and heartwarming. I’ve read it twice. It speaks to motherhood with warmth and humor and heart pounding fear… Hits hard, and realistically.

The last two paragraphs sum up the story (motherhood itself, it you want to get right down to it) perfectly:

He was born with a big head.

And I have loved him, with all my heart, with all that I have, from that day forward.


It also perfectly echo’s the beginning, when we first get into the actual story (in chapter 2… but don’t miss chapter one, because it echo’s throughout too).



In other news, I’ve decided to join Camp Nanowrimo, which is definitely a different kind of normal for me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a bunch of writers trying to pound out FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS in a month. I, the unwriting writer, actually churned out a little over 1700 words on this, the first day. WooHoo!

What do you get for accomplishing the 50K you might ask?

Pride, my dears. It’s merely a point of pride. Oh, and 50,000 words!


I still plan on posting at least once on weekends, however when I’m in full writing mode I don’t tend to read. I’m too busy playing with the story in my mind to be interested in someone else’s story. That may change, though, as far as breaks and lunches at work. It also keeps my imagination clear, doesn’t muck it up with other people’s voices, other people’s dreams.

And the only reason why I can do this is a change in daycare, which gets me home 1 to 1 1/2 hour earlier 🙂

Night, my lovelies!