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Ray doesn’t quite understand about teams. About rooting for your favorite team in baseball, too be exact. He does understand winning and losing, and boy howdy he wants to be on the winning side.

Brian loves the SF Giants. It’s his team. He has been a rabid fan since, well, since before I met him. And there’s no team he hates to see win against the SF Giants quite as much as the LA Dodgers.

You  probably know where I’m going with this.

They played last night, in LA.  Everytime the crowd would clap and go wild, Ray would run around the living room “We win! Yay! Win!” Of course he didn’t know that he was rooting for the wrong team. He was just having fun, spending time with Dad. Which he really needed, because he had an extremely hard day yesterday.

Of course, Dad had a rough day too… “I can take a lot of things, Wyn… I can accept almost anything my son throws at me. I’m not sure I could take it if he’s a Dodgers fan.” There was defeat in the man’s eyes.


It’s baseball. The American passtime for crying out loud. Let the boy root for which ever team makes his heart go pitter patter.