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So things are getting wild. People hoarding….toilet paper and bottled water? Going to the grocery store has become an olympic event. The problem is, some are not competing, we are just trying to survive.

I am going to ask a favor of you. It’s a big favor, too.

I am sure you can do it, though.

I have faith in you. In us.

Be kind.

Unfortunately it needs to be said. When the police have to be called to protect the employees at a grocery store— we need to remember who we are. We need to thank those poor cashiers and stock persons, not attack them!  We are not the United States of Anger. We are the US. We are US.

Do you remember getting yelled at by the neighborhood grandma to get your butt back home? Those neighborhood grandmas and grandpas need us to step into being neighbors. To being US. To asking if they are ok, if they need food. Keep the social distance, but please check on them. If you are at a store and know they have an endcap by the frozen food with sliced bread, and you see a woman staring at whats left in the bread aisle, trying to figure out how she is going to make it work, open your mouth and tell her. Tell the lady who asks where you got the flat of eggs. Go online and figure out who has toiet paper for your friend with Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Write letters to your friends and family, to strangers. Pick up a phone and call someone.

Be helpful. Be kind.

Be US.

A Different Kind of Normal

A Different Kind of Normal by Cathy Lamb


The very first Cathy Lamb novel that I read was The Last Time I was Me. I loved that book so much that when I was done, I went right back and reread it. Then, I went to the book store and snatched up 2 or 3 more books by her.

I like her voice. A lot.

I also like that she says things that are just plain wrong, but are so true. In A Different Kind of Normal, she continues on in this tradition. It’s warm, funny, heart wrenching and heartwarming. I’ve read it twice. It speaks to motherhood with warmth and humor and heart pounding fear… Hits hard, and realistically.

The last two paragraphs sum up the story (motherhood itself, it you want to get right down to it) perfectly:

He was born with a big head.

And I have loved him, with all my heart, with all that I have, from that day forward.


It also perfectly echo’s the beginning, when we first get into the actual story (in chapter 2… but don’t miss chapter one, because it echo’s throughout too).



In other news, I’ve decided to join Camp Nanowrimo, which is definitely a different kind of normal for me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a bunch of writers trying to pound out FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS in a month. I, the unwriting writer, actually churned out a little over 1700 words on this, the first day. WooHoo!

What do you get for accomplishing the 50K you might ask?

Pride, my dears. It’s merely a point of pride. Oh, and 50,000 words!


I still plan on posting at least once on weekends, however when I’m in full writing mode I don’t tend to read. I’m too busy playing with the story in my mind to be interested in someone else’s story. That may change, though, as far as breaks and lunches at work. It also keeps my imagination clear, doesn’t muck it up with other people’s voices, other people’s dreams.

And the only reason why I can do this is a change in daycare, which gets me home 1 to 1 1/2 hour earlier 🙂

Night, my lovelies!