Sides of the Story

The Princeling and I spent the week up in Sacramento~ he was out of school, and since I work up there it made for a much shorter commute. I also got to stay with one of my besties and visit 🙂

On Tuesday, we went to Chick-Fill-A, as I had never been to one before.

Towards the end of our dinner out, it became obvious that someone else really liked chicken sandwiches: Fox 40 News came in to do a story on Justin Bieber being in the restaurant earlier in the day. We didn’t go there beacause of that or get goofy and try to insert ourselves into the story (I hate that), but it was interesting to watch.

The Princeling watched carefully.  When the camera woman was taking other shots, and Dennis Shanahan, the reporter, obviously had some down time, my little Prince came up with “I wonder what it’s like to be a reporter?”

I looked over, and Mr. Shanahan was not interviewing people nor talking with the camera woman. “Go ask.”

I figured he would get the “It’s great” spiel and a pat on the head. What the Princeling received, however, was a conversation about what it’s really like to be a reporter.There’s down time, but you get to meet a lot of people. And yes, there are news vans, but… and on and on.

No, my Princeling does not want to be a reporter. But he was able to interact with a professional in a way that made me proud. He learned something new, and it gave him a deeper appreciation of the news shows. Mr. Shanahan’s taking the time to speak patiently with The Princeling for those few minutes was unexpected and greatly appreciated. I have officially switch news casts, as I want to hear from a team that cares about the people around them.

Mr. Shanahan’s report is here:    or you click here

The family in Chick-Fill-A towards the 1 minute mark?



We had lots more fun up in Sacramento, including a trip to the capitol which… well, that post will come later in the week. There’s lots to talk about my lovelies… Till then!


Why Not #Journalism?

I met some wonderful people today (**waves**), and in talking about writing the question came up. “Have you ever thought of writing for a newspaper?”

Ummm. No. Not really.

Why not?

Mostly because I’m not trained in it. I do enjoy writing essays, human interest things. Lord knows I have an opinion hehehehe. But with my writing, I’ve always kept my “writing”  mostly fiction. In speaking with Dad, I tried to figure out why. Why? Why! One immediate reason is the way my whole family is filled with storytellers—- but I’m the only one who cops to its being fiction. My grandfather told my brother & I whoppers that we swallowed whole while asking for more stories. My dad is fond of saying he was a cabin boy on Noah’s Ark. And that he swam across a frozen river, and walked uphill both ways to get to school as a boy. I really don’t want to tell you how old I was before I actually listened to that one and figured it out.

For myself, I love talking to people and learning their stories. If I ever was going to do any kind of journalism, I think it would have to be human interest / good news. Or travel life hacks (I learn a lot from Linda Deaver!). I don’t have a “nose” for breaking a news story I don’t think. Now, if you want me to tell someone’s story… I can do that! Or, as I said, offer my opinion or an essay on something.

But straight news? I don’t know. I’ve done so much writing for other outlets: how to articles, essays, short stories, flyers, newsletters…. that I guess it would just be a new form to learn. Not sure any newspaper would want to coach me through that learning curve tho.

Anyways, my lovelies, I hope you have a wonderful night! What kind of writing have you not tried yet? Why not?