I live in Northern California, which is currently getting hammered by storms. An observation from this morning:

The morning sky looked like the soft part of the night. Purpley and deep blue, gorgeous at night. Terrifying in the morning.

I had not seen the effects of the storm until I drove home last night. I came home Friday night in advance of the storm. I stayed in all weekend. So I knew my little country roads would probably be flooded (they were) Monday morning and took another route.As the description above tells you, it’s not too bright when I leave in the morning, especially when it’s storming.

On the way home, I saw a river expand its banks to…everywhere. Almost up to the freeway. The little wetlands area, that in previous years became a pond in the winter…. more like a lake currently. In the comfort of my room, we can hear the rain and wind pummell the house.

I am terrified that even if I can make it to work tomorrow, I might not make it home.

And yet, it’s not so bad where I’m at. Our house is safe, and comfortable. My alternate route takes me about 10 minutes, maybe 15 of back tracking. There is someone whose house I see on the way home, and where their backyard trees are… it’s now a part of the river. The water is creeping closer and closer to them, and I wonder…. Did they leave? Or are they staying to try and save their house, their things?

There will be many., many stories of this winter. Mine won’t even be a blip. But this morning, I noticed that my morning sky looked  more like night time.

The waters are running fast and deep out there.  Stay safe.

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