Christmas: Small Town

I live  in  a small town. We have a chamber of commerce, but no mayor.I found out this year that we also have a tree lighting ceremony. I only found out  because a family member was going to have a booth.


There was singing, and shopping, free coco and coffee, free hot dogs… three fire trucks and such a sense of community . Santa walked around, taking pics with and talking to the kids. Even 10 year old snotty kids who say “I don’t believe in you.”

Yes, there were moments. Precious moments, but also one where I turned into my mom. I’m not proud, but boy howdy was it effective. When he was complaining that he was bored, we couldn’t hear the speakers over the generators that gave us light, and he was nagging nagging nagging…. I turned to him and said “Fine. We’ll leave! Since I can’t enjoy it anyways…” and started stomping off.

Oh no mommy. I just can’t hear. 

Neither can I. stomp stomp.

I wanted to be here and be with you. It just now how I thought it would be. I wanted it to be special.

See the moon up there, and that one bright Light? That’s a star. That’s grandma, looking down on us celebrating her favorite holiday. See all those people? that’s our community, and we’re coming together to light this tree in honor of those who have gone before us. Like grandma.

We stayed. It became special. God shone down from above, and lit the way. We met neighbors.

And this is Christmas. 

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