Writer Shame

I was filled with writerly shame today. Not imposed by an outside source, no one made fun of me.

I realized that my 9year old son’s “book” had more words to it than mine did. And, to add insult to injury? He has me type it for him.

Forehead, meet the smack!

I changed that tonight, btw. But it’s so easy to let our writing time get chipped away by other things. And while yes, my son is important… God, yes, he’s the most important thing.. maybe, just maybe I should make important too.

So tonight I took some time just for me. I wrote in my novel, and the word total grew even though I had to delete part of the scene. (Deletion occurred because of research, finding out how hard it really is to get yourself up on a roof lol).

I think my word count now exceeds his.

I took a pledge floating around facebook that says I’ll write 1 page a day in February. I can do that. As long as I learn to say no.

No, sweetie, I’m writing. I’m not going down the research hole for Minecraft.

No, sweetie, I’m writing. You cannot use my computer right now.

I love you sweetie. But this is my hour to write.

We shall see how it goes. But if I want to get a draft done, then this needs to  start happen a lot more.

My file, Dragon Queen, is at 715 words.

His file, Galactic Guardians, is 450 words.

Now… if I can just keep all of them growing.


Ta my lovelies!



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