Weird Western Wednesdays-We’re All Weird, Here

I always wondered what a a weird western was… great explanation of the genre.

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Weird Western Wednesdays Weird Western Wednesdays

October is Black Speculative Fiction Month. Black speculative fiction is as diverse as the African diaspora itself. The sub-genres and stories that are birthed from black speculative fiction speak to a universal humanity, resilience, and creativity that are hallmarks of those who rise above oppression and hardships.

It’s one of the reasons I love weird westerns. As a child growing up in a housing project in Knoxville, Tennessee, my mother loved watching Clint Eastwood westerns. Well, those were her favorites, but we watched all the television western show, Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke, Rifleman, and others I was too young to remember. Often I lost interest because, well, none of the characters looked like me, and honestly, the plots seemed too simple. You’ve seen one; you’ve seen them all.

Looking back, I discovered that intrigued my momma was the difficulties those early pioneers endured and how they persevered to overcome them.


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