Congratulations , Rie! I saw this in its infancy, and I am so happy for you!

eSpec Books

We received many good submissions, but this one caught our hearts with the budding wonder and curiosity that would develop into a woman of such grit and determination as Nellie Bly. Congratulations to Rie Sheridan Rose, winner of our contest and an ebook copy of The Weird Wild West!

 Chance Encounter

Rie Sheridan Rose

Elizabeth was bored. She leaned back against the porch post of the mercantile, arms crossed, toes scuffing the dirt—the perfect picture of a pouting child. She didn’t know why Ma insisted on bringing her if she wasn’t even allowed in the store!

“Ella! Where have you gotten to now?” cried a female voice she didn’t recognize. It was enough to roust her from her funk a bit. There weren’t many people she didn’t recognize in this town.

She craned her neck looking for the speaker.

“Alistair, I told you not to turn your back on her!”…

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