Hello Darkness, my old friend

I have in the past suffered from what I call situational depression. In the past, it has reared it’s ugly head when I was unemployed. All the classic signs of depression– excessive tiredness, not wanting to do anything. Every day, being overwhelmed with the feeling of hopelessness. The stoppage of writing.

Something has been bothering me for a while.

The symptoms were there.

I chose not to see them.

Because I’m working. It can’t be the same situational depression if I’m working, can it? Well…. apparently, yes, it can. So I sat down with my dad on Saturday morning and had a long heart to heart with him about what’s going on. He didn’t offer advice— by this point I knew what was going on.

I started making the changes that I need to make to feel better. One of them was admitting and recognizing what the problem is. It’s not something that will go away over night, but it is something I can work on. I have to work through the feelings of inadequacy to do that… But hey.

I can do that.

One of the nice upswings of this edition of my old friend D. is that I am still writing. I am still getting up and moving. I go to work every day, make it through the day. Even though I get home and collapse, I still get back up and do dinner and homework with the prince. I’ve also been working on other projects that help push it away bit by bit.

This time is different. I am going to break this cycle.

I am more than this.

If i keep telling myself that, and taking the steps I need to…. Maybe I’ll be able to step back out into the light. Nope, I take it back. I’ll be able to step back into the light more quickly.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the writing posts with a guest post from my fellow pirate, Steven! He was nice enough to do an author interview of moi, which you can find here.

Talk to you soon, my lovelies! Be kind to one another

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