Trying to be… a Marvelous Me

So I’ve been gone a bit… The holidays crept up on me. For New Years, the Princeling and I went out of town. I can’t even claim that I didn’t have my laptop, for I did. I was also, however, trying my best to make a deadline for an anthology I wanted into (Made it! More on it later!)

Also in that mix was doing the launch of a newsletter with a company I’m involved with. Not my day job, but still. I was on pins and needles, but not for the reason you might think. There is someone I deal with that does have a rather different view on marketing, and I end up doing revision after revision after revision. Not this time. Not only is it something I’m proud of, they seemed to like it at first go, too.


Then this weekend I decided to finally make my Author Facebook Page. You can find me here. Hopefully, if I did the link right. If not, search under Wynelda Ann Deaver. There’s some photos up right now, but not a whole lot of content. Next Saturday, I’ll be going out with the Admin for my page (because I know I can’t do it on my own), and talk about where we want to go and what I see it as. One thing we’ve started is uploading images both under inspiration and Wayfarer Wanderings. We’ll be running contests, such as small gift randomly at 50 likes, a literary art gift at 100 likes, and then something super cool at 200 likes. I firmly believe that on the Author Facebook page, if I make it all about me… it will fail. I look at all the author FB pages I like, and they share a little bit about what they’re doing, of course…. but it’s not all “Buy my book”.

I could be wrong, but it’s the way I’m going.

Do you have an Author Face Book Page? How do you decide what to put on it? Do you enjoy it?

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