Book Review: Dream with Little Angels by Michael Hiebert


I came across this book a little… well, weird. I belong to an online writing community, and Michael Hiebert was involved in it. I “met” him in passing, heard about his book… Then I saw it. Cool cover. Someone called it “southern literary mystery” and I was spooked. Literary, to me, normally means something that normal people won’t get and you have to work really hard at understanding.

I am so glad I tried it anyways. Because as dark as this novel gets, it has a good dose of humorous real life as well. There’s one paragraph that is an ode to bacon and I tell you my mouth watered when I read it. I passed the book on to my sister M, (which I’ve done with a few other books), and she devoured it on the trip home. She enjoyed the same thing I did— the ability to have a balanced novel even though the subject matter was so disturbing.

Instead of a stuffy literary novel, what you get is a coming of age mystery that will grab you by the shirt and not let go until the last page. I loved “Dream with Little Angels”. It’s different from what I normally read, but in a great way.

Go forth and buy it!

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