The Name of the Wind By Patrick Rothfuss

Earlier in the week, I was scrolling through my blog reader, and came across this article  all about a fantasy series by Patrick Rothfuss. It intrigued me enough that I went and downloaded it onto my Nook.

The Name of The Wind is the first book in a series called The Kingkiller Chronicles.

You know those books that you put down and come back to never? THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK. As is the key with rich worlds, I fell into it and didn’t come up for air until I had finished. Words with Friends? PPfFFTTT. I was busy with Chronicler, Bast and Kvothe for the whole week.

Well, except for the pre-birthday shenanigans for my son’s birthday, and then the very real stomach flu on his actual birthday.

I love the language of this (world? character? writer? book?). But the mix between the regular everyday language in The Name of The Wind and the troubadour’s soul that comes through to pluck gently at your soul… oh wow.

And then there’s the framework of the story. It is a mix of first and third. The first person narrative is Kvothe telling his own story: of being half feral in the big city, of going to university, of love and loss and everything in between. Third person narrative is the present day, when he’s telling the story to Chronicler and Bast and interacting with the locals his inn serves.

It would be a mistake to miss those third person chapters, however. Because it becomes very obvious that the present may be just as perilous, if not more so, than the past.

Ohhh,…. I’m forcing myself *not* to buy book 2 yet. Maybe next weekend. I have things I have to get done and can’t afford to disappear for a week again.


In other news, I started a fiction writing class (of the online variety), and have been writing a little bit every day. Can’t ask for more than that right now. I also just some new books to read. I’m really liking the novel by Holly Chamberlain. It’s very different from the Name of the Wind, but I needed that.

Of course, I noticed that part of the frame work is similar to NotW.hehehehe.


Ta, my lovelies!

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