Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Published by Little Brown (mass market paperback edition).


So I saw the ads for the movie, Beautiful Creatures, and thought to myself… You gotta read that book. Because so many times the books out strip the movie. Now, I probably did realize that the protagonists would be teenagers… I just didn’t think too much about it. Because, you know, it happens all the time in fantasy novels.

However, this novel takes place in the here and now. So, there was a bunch of high school shenaningans, along with everything else.

Beautiful Creatures starts out differently than I imagined. Why? Because the whole story is told in first person from the point of view of Ethan. I have never, that I recall, read a book of the romantic type from the male’s perspective. It makes sense from a dramatic point of view— he’s the one with the most to lose. He’s in way over his head, and quite frankly as new to the world of his new girlfriend as we the reader are.

One thing about the world building that I just adored: the house. OMG. It was the perfect compliment to this strange, weird, beautiful family. Constantly changing, rearranging, anticipating every need. I want that house. I want it bad! If you want to know how to make something that is absurdly, wonderfully magical in a story, this is the way to do it. Yah, the house can change, from a grand ballroom to a castle to what ever is needed… But in the end, the house is the least of the magic being slung around. It should be an all powerful fortress from which to hide… but it’s  not.

I also liked how they did the villaness. She beats Cruella DeVille, hands down. Not only that, but the way the authors explain where she’s been hiding— perfect sense, with out me having a clue that it was going to come to that. Ohhh.. it was good. And no, I won’t tell you, or tell you who it is for fear that I’ll spoil some of the suprise for you as well.

One little matter on this book. It is a big book. 563 story pages, according to the pagination. I’m not telling you this because I’m afraid of big books, or becaues I think you might be. I’m telling you this because the version I picked up (movie tie in) has the yucky binding. What that means is that not only did the spine crack, but that the book separated in half. Almost straght down the middle. Pretty soon pages are going to start to fall out. This is a concern to me mainly because I reread so very often. I have books longer than this one that I’ve read several times… Spines and binding still intact. So. If you think you might want to reread this type of book, I highly recommend either getting the Nook or Kindle version, or going one step up and getting a trade paperback (the larger ones that run about $13-15).


I’ve recently started reading more Tudor novels. I really like the time period– the politics are viscious and the women have to be wily to survive. I’ll tell you more during the week. Or, we can go the cozy mystery route. I’ve gotten back into being ecclectic. Oh, well, that’s the Wonderful World of Wyn.


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