Updates Updates Updates

Well it has been a strange month.

One thing that is getting clearer, though, is that I need to continue to write.

I’m plugging along in camp nano, although I am not up to par with the word counts at the momen. SIGH. I think the main thing for me is that I’m learning where my writing groove is. It used to be late at night— now? Not so much. Early morning, or evening works, though, depending on my son. I tend to peak out at about 1k words on a week night, but can push it up to 2k.

If it’s a good day, I can write while he’s at home. But he has Dyspraxia, and sometimes fate conspires to throw everything at that kid all at once and it makes for one very very long day. Or, we have a night last night where he was up, violently ill, every half hour. Until 4am.  Ugh.

Still, I’ve gotten in a good 1,000 words so far for today.

On the good news front, I sold my first short story and sent in the contract. The happy dance was the funniest one you ever did see.

Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll have some more book reviews for you. I haven’t been reading lately, and I am definately feeling that lack.

3 thoughts on “Updates Updates Updates

  1. Congrats on that contract!! Sometimes it’s hard getting into that writing zone. But the main thing is finding it and hanging in there! Hope you all had a calmer night.

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