Black Jewels Trilogy

The Black Jewels Trilogy

Book One, Daughter of the Blood, by Anne Bishop, Roc Fantasy, 1998.

Book Three, Queen of Darkness, by Anne Bishop, Roc Fantasy, 2000.

Yes, this review is missing the middle book. I couldn’t find it when I sat down to re-read the series. I also need to post a WARNING on this series. Sex in this series is used as a weapon against both women and men and is very brutal. It isn’t graphic, but it is disturbing. It’s also a very big symptom of what’s wrong in the world the characters inhabit.

This series carried me through one of the roughest times of my life. I haven’t touched these particular books since I left that situation. I have read the additional books ( 2 short story collections and 3, no 4 novels), but not the first trilogy.

They are even better than I remembered.

Tight writing, believable characters you can root for even when their names are Saetan and the Sadist. These are people with considerable power who have to make the tough choices. And there are consequences for their choices; The Twisted Kingdom, the realm of insanity, is travelled by more than one of the characters.

And quite frankly, the scene where Daemon comes to grips with her not returning to him, the fact that he become The Sadist again because she requested it, believing that everyone in his family would hate him but it was ok because she’d be there… and then she wasn’t… I’ve cried my eyeballs red every single time I’ve read that scene. I’ve read it a lot, too.

As I said, I met the books of Anne Bishop when I was going through the roughest time of my life and needed the escape.

I’m so happy that now I’m out of the situation, the books still resonate.

Cuz that’s what we’re all really after, isn’t it? A really great read.


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