Special Travel Arrangments

With Ray’s Dispraxia, I was terrified to travel with him. What if he fell and hurt himself— badly? What if I couldn’t handle all the stress and freaked out? How would he react to the change in routine? We’ve never gone anywhere of any great length before, certainly not a 3 hour road trip with a hotel stay overnight.

I shouldn’t have worried.

He had a great time. We went to Monterey, and Saturday was travel, Aquarium, shopping and a bunch of hanging out getting checked into the hotel. When we went for a walk around the water before dinner, he fell down probably 5 times. Tired boy-o. But that’s all it was. He so excited about holding a star fish, and seeing sharks, and and and…. I’m kind of suprised the falls didn’t happen until after we got to the hotel.

Sunday, I was worried about taking him to the ocean. Standing in the little wavelets— it can be unsettling as the sand and water shift under your feet. It kind feels as if the would is falling out from under you. Which, you know, probably isn’t far from what he feels most of the time. When he fell in the water, it was with a laugh “Mommy, the water is SOFT!” He attacked those waves with gusto… and a toy pirate sword. He had a blast. On the way home, he told me “I’ve had a long day, Mommy. I need to go to sleep.” And he did so… sleeping for about an hour and a half.

Lesson number one: Make sure he gets rest breaks in between fun. That one will be important when we go to Disney Land. Will also mean that if we go back to hotel for a nap, he’ll be able to see the night shows 🙂 Do they still have parade of lights?

One great thing– I called ahead to find out that by buying my tickets online, we did not have to stand in line. We were wisked right inside the aquarium. Research, people!

And lots and lots of smiles. Next weekend, we’re off to the Rosecrutian (Egyptian) Museum. Yay us!


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