KIabam! (The Falling Miracle)

He fell. From the top of a playground slide, fell over the side and hit tanbark. I saw him start to fall, said “Oh S***T!”, shoved my things at Peggy (or maybe threw them on the ground) and took off running.

He’s fine. Has some scrapes on his forehead, and will probably have a back ache tommorrow, if not some newly discovered brusies at bath time.

I’ve only had one other bad fall with him like this. Mom’s know what I am talking about. Your very heart freezes in your chest, then in a whoosh you’re in action mode. Yah, I ran my fat butt across the park lickety split, you better believe it. And I hefted that 65 pound kid in my arms becuase that’s what he needed.

It’s pretty miraculous that it’s only happened twice. And neither time was he hurt more than some bangs and brusies, because both times had potential for serious head trauma. (Thankfully, he got a double dose of hard headedness.)

Miraculous. Yup, I’m calling it that. Because with his particular malfunction, Dyspraxia, it’s all about motor skills. Nine out of ten of the problems he experiences are all traced back to the dyspraxia. A smiple motorskill malfunction that can be overcome to a degree simply by letting him be a boy. Running. Jumping. Climbing.

Sometimes even falling. Because that happens a lot. He will literally fall off his feet, while standing still. The trick is to try and protect him, without suffocating him.

No broken bones. No concussions. This is my mantra, my prayer.

My little Falling Miracle.

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