Saturday, I was allowed that rare treat: a partial mommy day. I toddled myself off to one of my favorite restaraunts (Macaroni Grill), and had a very pleasant lunch all by my lonesome.

Actually, I wasn’t by myself. I brought in my journal, and the words flowed onto the pages ( 3 and a half, to be precisice) as I described the decor, the food, the things that were around me.  I did this intentionally, thoughtfully. I am writing again now, and one of the weaknesses in my writing is decription.

So what do others do, to stregnthen their writing? Because it occured to me that I needed that more than I had realized. Time to decompress and just be with the words. No fancy laptop (although I love that, don’t get me wrong.) But there’s an intamacy when you write things down by hand. Just you and your words, hanging out and having fun.

I may post what I wrote the other day up in here, may not. Will depend on lots of things hehehe. But I think I’m going to keep a writing date, at least once a month. So that I can go out and just be. A writer. Sunshine should be able to handle not having mommy around for just one day a month. Lord knows I’m present and accountable most of the rest of the time.

Me, myself and I are completly capable of entertaining oursevles.

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