Monday, Monday

Sorry, No Marketing Monday today. Tried writing yesterday and got interrupted by mommyhood. Several trips back to the room by Ray-Ray, who LOVES the laptop, taking things off the laptop that someone else put on there (ARGH!) When it finally came to down writing, when I was able to be just hang out with the words…. Nothing struck me.


I worked on several different peices. Some fiction. Some non-fiction. The non-fiction I worked on the most, liked the most. But it’s unfocused, has no point… Maybe I’ll post it here sometime soon. Talks about things I want to do when I’m grown up (har har).The funniest part is— I started it about a year ago, and Number 2 on the list is…. Getting a redesigned Camaro! HAH! See! I did work it in LOL! Take that, Joel!

Finally, I gave up. Door was locked, so I left the laptop plugged in, charging the camera (don’t ask). Then I laid back, feet propped up, and watched some good old fashioned Hallmark Movies.

Yah. Life is good, once you get past the aggrivation!

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