Marketing Monday- Her Royal Highness Style

Dear Mr. Ewanick,

In my previous email, I suggested a blog approach. My husband noticed that Kia hit that approach starting last week. So, it was a good idea, but if we used it now it would just look like copy-cat. And Chevy, the American Dream Car, deserves so much more than that. Especially with Kia.

I also mentioned in my previous email that there were two models of current Chevrolet cars that I had never heard of. One of those was the HHR. My immediate thought was OOOHHH… This ain’t my daddy’s station wagon. The HHR looks like a rock n roll princess family car. A muscle car for those of us with car seats and creaky knees. I love it. And so will other people, just as soon as you get the name on their lips. And one of the best ways to do that is straight up relationship selling. On this one, we’re going to use a man, but it will still net you the female consumers.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the name of the car, HHR, was how close it is to HRH (Her Royal Highness). Could do the rock n roll princess as an adult, the girly muscle car, however that’s a little too eccentric for the first time out. We’ll capture more attention doing it this way instead:

SCENE: A little girl in glorious cacophony of dress up, twirling around and playing with a magic wand. You could even have her turning rocks into trolls, or frogs into princes.

VOICE OVER: “The only coach worth of Her Royal Highness, Fairy Princess Emily. The Chevrolet HHR.”

SCENE: A horn sounds, along with the “C’mon, lets go!” of her father who is standing with the rear door to an HHR open. The little girl runs over, hair flying.

VOICE OVER: “Chevrolet: Live the American Dream.”

I’ve got a bazillion ideas, bouncing around in my head. They’re relevant, but more importantly they will sell cars to women like me. Families like mine. My brain doesn’t work quite like other peoples: I like puzzles, pulling at things and shaping and reshaping them until an idea hits. The puzzle I’m fixated on right now is putting Chevrolet back in the front of the pack. All this creative horsepower, just waiting to be harnessed.

Let’s take a drive,

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