Bird Song, Dirt Digger

(Written previously)

It’s 5am and I’m sitting out back, listening to the birds. I love that there is so much… nature out here. Yesterday, Ray chased down the birds with a butterfly net. He waves bye-bye as they are fleeing his net. Mostly, they are these funny little birds with blue wings and tail and an off white chest. They are about the right size to fit in a cupped palm. Perfect for the butterfly net should he ever actually catch one. Yesterday, though, I also saw a hummingbird. It was so curious, had to check out the swing set. I guess it was just curious too see all the changes and meet the new neighbors.

Ray has also discovered the joys of digging. We brought out the sand box toys from Gacca’s, and he really loves that little shovel! There’s a little space on the patio, behind the big bush, this is bordered with wood planks and has nothing but dirt for him to have fun with. It’s all packed kind of tight, so I may buy some sand for it, or clean dirt. LOL.

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