Alternate Super Bowl Party

So. Yesterday was the big day. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. The one day that men all over the country get their football on with serious parties. Bri and I were invited to one, along with the Amazing Baby Ray, but I chose to bow out.

Saturday night I had had enough. I was done. Friday had been stressful, Saturday I had a ton of dental work done and of course I had been stressed about that as well. The last thing I wanted to do was go someplace that was not baby proofed and could never be completely Baby Ray Proofed– because of things like a glass coffee table. I knew exactly what would happen– I’d spend hours running after Ray and start resenting the heck out of Bri and everyone else at the party.

So. I swallowed my fear and told Brian. I don’t want to go. I’ve had too much stress, I need a day of no-stress. He made sure I understood that I’d have to have Ray, and I said of course! That had been my plan all along. And we had a blast people!

It started out with church, where I was able to find my voice and speak up. I don’t think the person understands (still) what I was getting at. That there are a million ways that we do God’s work everyday. Just because we don’t do it under the auspices of the church doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do good. But that’s ok. Then, I played the organ (the beast) for prelude, since Phyllis asked so nicely. Besides, she was back taking care of Ray so I figured it was worth it.

After lunch, and nap time, Ray and I watched “Peter Pan”. He loves it! Then we ran around the house, screaming like loons, before donning shoes and socks and going for a walk around the block. He loves our walks. And, I have to admit, now that he will hold hands I find them much more enjoyable myself. He loves picking up sticks, saying “hi” and “Bye” to people, heck he even broke out into song at one point. (Couldn’t understand a word he was singing, but BOY could you understand the happiness!). After we got back, we painted, had some dinner, watched “Aladdin” as we played with blocks and cars and all sorts of fun things.

So. Thank you Superbowl!

Who would have thunk it? The only thing I missed was the food. I’ll admit it. I’m a foodie. SIGH. But Potluck Sunday comes in just a couple of weeks so hey! Not so bad after all.

One thought on “Alternate Super Bowl Party

  1. Wendi: You have such a knack for writing. I would like to see you write a book with all these mommyhood writings some day. Little Ray is so sweet and growing so fast. I’m glad you have found your voice. Use it. Love you, Donna

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