Haven’t been on line lately because not only has Ray been sick, but so have I.

Cute story: I was laying on the couch, and Ray was playing with his cars. Bri was back, taking a nap. Ray went back in the bedroom, I assumed to bug Dad but not quite… He stole Bri’s blankie, brought it out and covered me up. He then went and got a diaper wipe and wiped the bottom of my foot.

I’m not sure where the wiping of the foot came from, but the next day… Darned if he didn’t do the same thing.

Awwww…. What a kid!

Of course, I was much sicker than him, and he annoyed me… But thankfully, Auntie Becca came over to take care of the two of us while Daddy was at work. God Bless Auntie Becca!

More later,


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