Well, today was the day. Mark it on your calendars. The first time in waaaay longer than I care to admit that I played the Prelude and Offeratory at church. I also tried  to play a praise him for people to sing along to. Only 3 problems with that.

1. My music was different than what they were singing. Still, I made it through the first time, and then when they joined in (the second time I played).

2. The first time through when they were singing, I was able to keep where I was at because I had the words. The next 3 verses, not so much. So I didn’t play all the way through.

3. I suck. Not really, I just haven’t played regularly in over 20 years, and I have NEVER played for people to sing to before. Or, at least, people other than my mother.

I am also happy to say that even tho my brother was there, at church, LISTENING TO ME, he DID NOT jump up, point at me and say “You Suck!” In fact, everyone was so excited and nice about my playing. I kind of felt bad that I hadn’t tried before. Of course, playing for people singing had me more nervous than I’ve been in a very very long time (like since my wedding) and I wanted to rip poor Brian’s face off.

Ah, the joys of marriage.

Alls well that ends well, though, right? And tomorrow I’m off to church to practice a bit more on the beast as she’s going to be called. Cuz she’s kind of…. Quirky. The church organ- my Quirky Beast. I like it!

Luv to all,


PS- Potluck was Yummy as always, and I am happy to announce that Ray made it through both Sunday School AND Nursury (church time) for the second week in a row. YAY! Although after I played for the last time, I went back and had a little peek. Walked off the nerves, more like it, cuz when he cries you can hear it all through the church.


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