Potty Time

I think it’s just about time to start potty training Ray. Most of the signs are there. He’s always known when he had to pee, and pooping– well, he won’t go poop in a pee pee diaper. Never has, except when I forced his hand or he was sick.

So anyways, he discovered a while back ago how to peel off the diaper. He then proceeded to go and pee all over everything. Just like a puppy, marking his territory. We broke him of it, the game lost interest, whatever.


He peeled off his diaper and Brian was telling him not to pee on the carpet. So I said “Go put him on the toilet.” We now have a new game. Ray peels off his diaper, runs to the bathroom and makes the appropriate noises for us to lift him over the gate and sit him on the potty.

In theory, this is great. IT’S MARVELOUS! WOOHOO!!! Potty Training here we come.

Yeh. Try applying theory to a 2 year old. We did the potty-go-round 10 times in as many minutes. I would get that diaper back on him and BOOM, off to the toilet again. He pee’d every time, but I can’t get him to stay on for more than maybe a minute. Then he’s down, flushing the toilet and I get him back in a diaper and BOOM. Again. And again.


This kid wants to go potty so badly that HE LEARNED TO TAKE HIS SHORTS OFF AND ON TONIGHT just so he could get at the diaper, get naked, and proceed.

He’s never really been into dressing himself. Shoes, yes. But never pants or shirts. And in one night, he not only took OFF the shorts, he gave putting them back on the good old college try. (Both feet/legs went into one, so Mom had to help a bit).

Now, my question is this: DO I go ahead and go full bore and potty train him even though he goes pee a whole lot and doesn’t have language skills? Or do I keep up with how we did it tonight? Get him used to the potty, teach him the language, *then* work on doing it completely?

I really could use some help here. I know a lot of people think he should be potty trained. Daycare Diva thinks he might need a little more time, not only because of the language but because of the frequency.




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