Ray added a new word to his vocabulary today. His own name.

First, a bit about my day. I wasn’t feeling good, physically or spiritually. I felt like my sould was slowly being over taken by a great, gray fog. (Yes, I am a bit melodramatic. But in a cute way, you have to admit). So there I was at day care, picking my little man up for the day.

He had painted his name, with a little help from the most bestest daycare diva ever, and we were sounding out the letters. “R”, we would say, and he would repeat it back “R”. The same with “a” and “y”… Except for today. Today, on the second go through, my little man said his R… Then “Ray.”

His name.

He didn’t just say it, either. He stated it with authority and a whole lot of personality. He made that name his own.

I was so excited I nearly wet myself. I think my eyes misted over, just a bit, too.

Ray has a language delay. At 28 months, he has the vocabulary of an 18 month old. He’s been tested, and is still being tested.  Tomorrow, they test his hearing (which I’ve been pushing for). Last week, he had a preliminary autism screening, with a follow up visit on Thursday (which I do not believe that it is– he’s way too social and wants very much to be a part of everything).

This language delay has bothered me for a while. As someone who relies so much on words, how would I- how could I– communicate with my son? Will he know the joy of learning like I do? Of being able to get lost in a book, a story, to the point where the real world just drops away?

I want the very best for my son. What mother doesn’t? But I also don’t want to try and push him to the point where he gets frustrated. It’s a very fine line that we balance on.

So when today, he said his name….

Yeh, I cried.

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